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In today’s day and age, almost every company you know has a specific branding campaign that makes their company stick out from the others. The main goal for companies today is to engage and build strong relationships with their customers. Without a clear branding strategy, it may be hard for a company to reach the right audience.

A branding project in progress

By hiring a public relations firm, your brand can take their branding campaign to the next level. Our integrated approach with clients includes brand strategy, media relations, public relations, strategic partnership development, internal and crisis communications, influencer engagement, and experiential marketing. Through personal connections with our clients, we are able to identify the best strategy to implement in order to ensure a successful campaign.

At East 2 West Collective, we work exclusively with our clients to find an integrated approach for their marketing campaign. We are able to identify and employ the proper strategy and the right messaging to properly engage with the media and influencers to share the client’s story in a way that allows the brand to stay on top of their game and reach their target audience. In the past we have worked for campaigns ranging from fitness, wellness, yoga, celebrity trainers, top wellness expert, Whole Foods, wellness products, authors, and fashion brands. While working on these projects, we helped the brands develop their message and reach their target audience. Recently we have worked with Craig Melvin on his debut book, Pops: Learning To Be A Son and A Father. To promote his book, he has conducted interviews with Bro Bible, People, Fatherly, Parents, and SheKnows and was a guest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. These interviews enhance his brand by increasing his authority and credibility, ensuring additional coverage and potential work. By identifying your main goal, we are able to help you pinpoint your main objective and ensure your desired results are achieved.